Thursday, October 29, 2009

You Got Us The CUCI, you r a STAR!

Been too dang long since I had my Sisters' Day Out..... Lamaaaaaa dah tak dating with my sis. She was tied up with M2K and curatorial works. Been missing our special Sister Sister day so much. We always do fun things together on these special day. Going for manicure pedicure, hair treatments at beauty salons, movies, ngopi, gossips. It's not so much on where and what we do, it's more of who we are doing it with that matters most. Hey, we even had a Sister Sister vacation before that brought us all the way to Oman and Dubai ;)) And the best memory with her was going to an AEROSMITH concert in Dubai... wheeeeeee!!!

Sister Sister. Love Forever After.

Babes & I. Aerosmith Live in Dubai 2007.

Well..... she is also missing me badly. Well, that's what her FB status says ;) I suggested CUCI THE MUSICAL. She jumped at the idea. Aaaaaannnndddd what's even more exciting is that somebody who is such a darling bought us tickets and is so kind to even grace us with his presence. He he he... Thanks Bie! You are more than welcome to join our Sisters' Day Out. Ngeee

Ta Daaaaa
Our Tixx. Yeayyy!!


Pink Mama said...

bestkan lepak dengan sister. I kalau jumpa my sisters kerjanya asyik gossip memanjang =)

Baby Zulkiflie said...

wheeeeeeeee!!!! kita Cuci on Sundayyy... abentay jadi girl ye?? huhuhuhuhuhu...

miss youuuuu!!! tra la la

superheroes' mom said...

pm: gosip nya panas panas!! ;)

superheroes' mom said...

bz: yeahhhhh!!! see you babes. hahahahh, abentay jadik thorn among the roses ler.


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