Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bon Voyage, Bouncy Castle, Midnite Reunion

Yesterday brought the whole brood to my uni mates Doa Selamat/Open House Raya do at their home in Kuala Selangor. Both husband and wife will be pursuing their Phd in Melbourne for 4 years and they would be leaving on the 24th Oct. So soon! Many sweet memories we have together during our undergrad years. If we were to recollect, there would just be too many! All the best to Ena and Sam and the children. Kalau ada umur ada rezeki, InsyaAllah we will make a trip down to Melbourne to visit u guys ok, love u lots.

Btw, the food was superb. Kari kambing masakan mertua Ena... pergghh. And the kuih seri muka, original Kuala Selangor...sedaaappp.

Back from their house we headed straight back to BJ as we had to attend open house by our neighbour, whose house is directly in front of ours. If I say the name of my neighbour ni, mesti ramai orang kenal as he is a very well known paedritician in Sime Darby Medical Centre. Anyway, my kids had a blast as they rented a bouncy castle for a day to entertain the kids who came. But we missed the magic show, as we were late. I had a nice time makan wajik durian.. hehe. Oh, Sazzy Falak was there too - she's beautiful but too skinny lah.

Hmmnn...budak kecik berbaju belang comot sbb sedap sgt makan nasi + sup kat rumah Uncle Sam and Aunty Ena...
Gambar sekadar hiasan. Best kan Bouncy Castle...hehe

After raya-ing at Doctor's house, went back home lah, rasa penat pulak. By 10pm the kids are all asleep, they must be tired too. As I was retiring to my bedroom nak mandi, Mr Ako had a phone call from his roommate masa kat PPP/ITM dulu... they are coming over for a visit. Memang dah lama tak jumpa, The last I think was when they attended our wedding in 1999. At that time dah nearly 11pm, I had nothing to serve them xcept for kuih raya je. But they insisted datang bukan nak makan - nak jumpa most important. Still terkilan on my part jugak, kalau inform awal sikit bolehlah I prepare something. Sob sob.

Lia, Madi, Mr. Ako, Pok Itik (nama glamer!) and Cik Dah. ^ 6 children not in pic, sebok main :)^
Only kuih kering, air sirap and teh o sebagai santapan.. hehe... borak sampai pukul 1 pagi baru bersurai... Selamat Hari Raya! Dah sampai pun kita di penghujung raya.

Ada 3 lagi open house hari ni tapi all tak dapat pegi. Sibuk nak prepare for our departure to Terengganu. Will be staying there until the 25th InsyaAllah. All of us are going, including kids. Yes, they will be skipping school.

Ok, later peps!

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