Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Favourite Girls and Slim Shady

When u r the only lady in the family, like me lah... with four strapping boys and a more strapping hubster (hahaha, saja tease dia)....... sometimes I do feel overwhelmed. And more than a little outnumbered. But my boys do know who rules the castle, and this point was aptly defined by my 2nd son, "Mommy........ though Daddy is the boss, but............ u r the Queen". Muahaha. How fitting is that? Kehkeh.

Anyway, before I digress further, point is, sometimes I have a burning need for FEMALE companionship. When I get a thumpin' headache, and develop a surly attitude..... u would know it is time for a GIRLS DAY OUT. I usually date my sis and we would have our Sister's Day Out (SDO), and it would be hilariously fun everytime. But now, Alhamdulillah, I get to indulge in GDO! With two more members in tow, my lovely SIL and my little chubby wubby niece Twinkle!

Hehehe, *gelak seronok dah teruja*

We had our GDO at SP recently to find a swimsuit for my niece. We had a nice late lunch there as well. The little girl is a delight! Sayang dia! 

Oh okay okay, ada cheating sikit... our GDO ada sorang lelaki.... bapak little girl bro la...hehehe. Dia kira bodyguard lah.... Being the only boy in the family, my brother memang tak awkward being dalam lingkungan kaum Hawa ni =)

My lovely girls. Kalau notty, I will rotan! Hahaha.
Feel so blessed having these three in my life.

Little Shining Star.We took her swimming the very next day after the shopping trip.
She should have been born a mermaid lah, seeing how she loves the water so much.



nak jugak tempek gambar anak bongsu saya.
My fourth Superhero, Azan.
Here he is. He used to be such a chubby tembam baby, but look at him now! Sangat 'slim-fit' gitu kan? To my readers yang have been following my blog since it's inception agaknya ingat lagi kan how tembam Baby Azan was dulu? Now, the only big thing yang ada kat dia ialah his eyes! =D

But don't be tertipu dengan his size, he could kalahkan all the three older Superheroes, sayur aje. Caya tak?


Drama Mama said...

azan has reali big eyes hah. sooooooo cute! w://twinkyram aunty tengok. ur niece pun sangat comel rasa nak gigit geram! hiks


superheroes' mom said...

his mata mmg besar... and made to look even bigger cos his face kecik!! hihihi

eynda said...

Bestnyer ada GDO... :-)

superheroes' mom said...

Eynda, mmg best. Acara yg cukup ditunggu2 :)


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