Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sahur Mesti Ayam Gorengggggg

HI semua! Alhamdulillah, selesai sudah berpuasa pada 1 Ramadhan bagi kita semua. We had Iftar at my parents' place, and also it was my only brother's birthday yesterday. But poor lad, on the way back home after work, he met with an accident along Jalan Sg. Buloh. Thank goodness it was a minor one, he was with his wife and daughter in the car. Yesterday, traffic was horrendous! I guess many were rushing home, so it did not help matters.

Talking about traffic woes, the stretch of NKVE from Damansara to Subang was jammed up yesterday due to a garbage disposal truck terbalik and tersadai, and thus blocking the road completely. Me and hubby were in the opposite direction, and we saw that the cars were NOT MOVING at all, and I think most probably were stuck there for close to two hours or more maybe. Gosh, dah la at that time was about 2.30 pm, it was seriously panas okeh. I mean u could actually nampak tarmac tu berasap, that was how panas it was lah. Any of u stuck dalam tu yesterday? Harap-harap tidak lah, cos memang amat mencabar lah if yes. Fuhhhh.

Buka puasa at my parents yesterday was a simple affair. My mom cooked a couple of dishes and hubby and I beli apa2 yang patut from Bazaar Ramadhan TTDI JAYA. Simple2 pun, nak dekat penuh meja kan, hehehe. Alhamdulillah atas rezeki kali ini.

Oh oh oh, and my sis and I berkesempatan berTerawikh juga last nite, but we all buat di rumah saja. Before that, berjemaah Maghrib ramai2. Seronok betul =) Masa we all berjemaah tu, my youngest son (who is 2) kelam-kelibu weaving thru all of us, wanting to take part also but couldn't decide where he should be stationed kot, but not wanting to just stay at one place hahaha. Lawak betul.

And also, my second son Ammar (who is 7), nearly fasted for the whole day. He did not eat, but told me he was so thirsty during recess time in school that he bought a bottle of mineral water. But he said, he still puasa makan. I told him I am very happy with his effort, and he said he will try to puasa makan and minum today. Let's see how that will go. I can see a marked difference between last year and this year, whereby he did not even attempt to try last year when he was in kindergarten. He really did try this time around, alhamdulillah. 

Hmnnn, suddenly I remember berterawikh during my MRSM years. Our surau and dewan could not accommodate all of us. So, we Terawikh berjemaah at Tapak Perhimpunan. With canvas and sejadah over tarmac. But somehow, it was perfect =)

Ok babes, will stop now. Till next time ya.
Happy 2nd Ramadhan semua!

p/s: Sahur mesti Ayam Goreng? Yupp, ayam goreng, sardin and telur dadar. Itu aje yg selera kat tekak ni :)


J.L said...

ayam grg mkn dgn nasi panas-panas..seddappp

superheroes' mom said...

betul tu JL, baru lah selera sikit tekak ni nak sahur :)

KV said...

selamat berpuasa.Ayam goreng makan panas2 adalah syok!

superheroes' mom said...

KV, kan kan kan? hehehe

Yours Truly said...

Selamat berpuasa SHM and family! Me too had ayam goreng serai for sahur tadi.

Drama Mama said...

i remember kitorang dulu2 kan...sukaaaaaa sangat makan ayam goreng, nasi panas2 then tuang minyak bekas goreng ayam tu sikit plus kicap. haish sungguh fattening tapi sodapppp! berebut tunggu mak goreng ayam akt dapur. hahaha

superheroes' mom said...

yours truly, ayam goreng serai sounds sooooo good, and wangi! :)

superheroes' mom said...

DM, minyak goreng tu yg sodap tu! hehe


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