Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nasi Dagang & Durian Infested Sunday

Heya Folks!!!! Yeppp, it's me, Superheroes' Mom!! I hope u have not forgotten me. My internet connection problem have not been resolved yet, sad to say. I am currently using Mr Ako's BB to get online. The line is more stable after 12 midnite, so here I am typing away coz I miss blogging and blogwalking soooooo much! I hope to have the solution to my probs on this matter next week. Hopefully, it will be resolved by then. I can't wait to blog on a regular basis again. And am soooooo looking forward to reading your blog entries everyday and commenting on them on a daily basis again. I feel like I am missing out on so much news and interesting happenings :(


And yes..... I am quite afraid that you will forget all about me...hukhukhuk

Anyway, just nak cerita-ceriti sikit-sikit cos dah lama sangat tak berceloteh kat sini kan. Last weekend, we had a Nasi Dagang and Durian Durian fest over at my parents'. Heh heh heh. Saja aje my mom buat makan-makan nak sambut kedatangan Ramadhan. Alah, nothing big lah... just the normal makan2 untuk immediate family members saja. My family is not that big pun. The seronok part is that my mom served Nasik Dagang Kelantan that day. Nope, my mom is not from there, but she ordered from a friend of hers. 

Sedap! hehe

My Terengganu-ian hubster had to agree that it WAS delicious! Tho he did not touch the sambal kelapa thingy ;-)

And Mom served the King of Fruits also. Bless her!
Oh, what a day what a day.
I could feel my system turning sluggish what with being laden with much calorific food

We kinda burnt the calories right off by organizing a back-breaking spring cleaning of my mom's ruang tamu! We even managed to get rid of the 2 carpets that covered the ENTIRE hall, AND hung up new curtains too. My sis even steam ironed 'em.


It was no easy thing too. We washed, scrubbed and dusted and polished every darn thing! Lucky there were 3+2 of us. 3 being me, my sis and bibik. The other 2 extras were my hubster and 2nd son hehheh.

Tengah letih2, peluh2.... my mom datang bawak ice cold air laici. Perghhhhh, segar je rasa, and ada instant energy boost. And you know what? Sempat lagi kitorang main bolasepak lepas tu kat laman depan. Errr, I main sepak2 suka2 aje lah, layankan my sons, but..... keluar la peluh jugak lagi =)

Hmnnnnn, coming Sunday ni nak jalankan gerak gempur kat mana pulak ek? Hmmnnnnn...

Okay peps, will be back soooooooon!!! Thank you so much for droppin' by. Jangan serik ya =)

And OH, we also went for a movie date. INCEPTION was mind-boggling. I had abt just short of a million q's that I wanted to ask after it ended. Have to watch it again. But will wait for the cd lah. Leo was superb! My heart will go on for you, Leo darling. Tee hee hee. Bye bye for now.


Anonymous said...

hemmm...so now u r removing ur headscarve???May Allah shows u the right path.Ameen


superheroes' mom said...

May Allah judge me accordingly for all the good deeds and bad deeds that I have done. And may I b guided as I am deemed fit in my spiritual journey. And may you too, head scarf or no head scarf, gain all of Allah The Almighty's love and blessing in life and the thereafter. Amin Ya Rabbal Alaminn...

Where's your blog link Sal? Would love to share insights and who knows, maybe after 2 years of wearing the hijab on and off, I might one day be blessed enough to be the chosen one, and wear it full time.


Ms Dots said...

OMG, I dah add lama your blog kat my bloglist. Langsung tak perasan until I saw Mr. AKO photo... Keep blogging dear. Love to read what's on your mind and heart...

superheroes' mom said...

ye ke? i dok ingat u discovered my blog thru the link on my fb profile. i noticed after that u started blogging too :) good good. keep it up lo'ein!

ERMAYUM said...

i love inception tgk 2 kali pun tak puas kan pening2 pun best kan

superheroes' mom said...

yup, i am intrigued by the storyline/storylines. i can't say that i get it 100% tho. but ppl who grew up with playing an immense amt of video games might be able to comprehend it better kot


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