Friday, October 15, 2010

Whole Thigh Roast Chick & Sour Cream Potato Parsley

Oh gosh... I know this is my happy blog... and I know many of you are used to reading about my happy posts, full of positive exuberance and sometimes.... maybe a tad smug narration? nyeahahaha. No lah, tak pernah pun berniat nak smug ke hapa, but sometimes people DO get the wrong message. Nama pun manusia kan. Sokmo nya tersilap.

Well, this post is about me whingeing. Oh I do despise whiney needy wives. But can't help feeling like one now. I want some alone time with my hubster. Without the kiddos. Just for a couple of days. He has been so very very busy, no doubt he HAD to, it's work and work means good if u r heading your own company. Even if u don't own a company, work is good. Work means employment which means there's money at the end of the month for the bread. Or in Malaysian context, for the rice. Or gosh, I am coming up with crappy analogies. I am really cracking up.

I love my kids to death, but I really really do need a weekend away with my boyfriend. My boyfriend tau. Oh gosh, jangan macam tu. Bukan I ada extra marital affair. Boyfriend tu my hubster lah. Sighhhhhhh.... Oh my goodness.... I hate sighing!! What have I become!

Baiklah, mari lah divert attention pada makanan. Roast chicken kegemaran ramai di rumah.

This is healthy, as it's not deep fried kan. The little oil used for basting tu olive oil. Which is bagus for health kan.

But I chose to indulge myself with this sinfully creamy and delish and highly calorific dish.
Oh my gossshhhhhh, comfort food okeh! And I sooooooooo need comforting right now.

Cheers luvvies.
Pray that I get my wish for the short honeymoon yah.


Drama Mama said...

oh gosh...i nak makannnnnnnnnnnnn itu calorific food please!!!!! potato salad kan?

superheroes' mom said...

yuppy yup DM..... with extra creammmmmm.... yumssssss =)

ERMAYUM said...

kelaurdah kapal titatic romantic kat atas heheh sian saboo and may you get yr romanctic weekend soon L :) errr naik kapal apa ye heehhee just kidding

Ms Dots said...

Babe .. please reveal the calorific food recipe.. Looks damn good...

superheroes' mom said...

ermayum, naik sampan kolek jaa.. heheheh

Ms dots, okeh, nnt i komen at ur blog yah


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