Saturday, October 9, 2010

Float or Sink?

Ammar's school science syllabus for Primary 1 includes a topic titled Float or Sink. In this topic, the students learn that some objects float and some objects sink and also how to make a floating object sink and vice versa. 

In his Science Activity Book, there were pages and pages of worksheets where the students were supposed to fill up after doing experiments. Sadly, he relayed to me that they did not get to do any hands-on work/experiments, instead it's just the chalk and talk method just like when I was in primary school.

He showed me empty worksheets and kept saying, "Oh look Mommy, this looks like fun" and "I bet this one is interesting". I decided then that we would do the experiments at home. One such experiment is on how to make a floating object sink. I settled upon using an empty plastic bottle for this experiment.

I gave the bottle to Ammar and filled up a pail with water. Putting the bottle in water, Ammar shouted "FLOAT!!!!!". Oh, I really admire how the young ones get excited over the simplest things. heh heh.. I then told him that I wanted him to try making the bottle sink, and he could use any materials available in the house for his experiment. "No clues, think on your own" I droned. 

I was trying to guess what he would experiment with. Maybe the coins in his wooden box? Maybe he would fill it with the soil available in the garden? Maybe the wooden beads in the container which we used to teach them counting? I was excited at all the prospects. 

"Ok, Ammar. You are free to go to any area in the house to look for things that you could use to make this bottle sink. Out you go." I excitedly instructed him out from the bathroom.

"Huh, Mommy?" he looked at me with a bewildered expression on his face. "What are you on about? I don't have to go anywhere."


He took the cap off the bottle, filled it with water from the tap.................

And dunked it into the pail and shouted "SINK!!!!!"

Eh he he he he hehhhhhhh =)
Apa daaaaa Mommy pikir pasal nak masukkan beads lah, tanah lah kah kah kah kah kahhhhhhhh!!! 



zarin said...

clap clap clap...very clever ammar :-)
hehe i pun pikir mcm u gak ahaha :D

superheroes' mom said...

Zarin, I pun termalu and terkedu... hahahahah.... adakah ini maknanya kita ni suka pikir yang belok2, padahal ada jalan yg lurus di dpan mata? tee hee hee


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