Thursday, October 7, 2010

Of Princesses, Dragons and Heroism

While lepakking together with my Superheroes before we went off to Dreamland last night, we were looking at a book with the Happy Ever After kinda theme and has a storyline which was kinda what girls would normally prefer. The book must be a gift from someone as there is no possible way that they could have chosen it themselves =)

Anyway, Superhero 2 and 3 were poring over the book. Superhero 1 was lying down with his back on us. Superhero 4 was too busy making a mess of the bookcase to really bother.

Superhero 3: Oh Mommy, look! Here's the Prince. Am I your handsome Prince Mommy?

Mommy: Of course you are my handsome Prince sweetheart..

Superhero 3: How many handsome Prince do you have? *(was this a trick question? bwahaha)*

Mommy: Errrrr...... FOUR of course. All of u are my handsome Princes.

Superhero 2: Yeckkkk!!! Adam! Don't be such a poncy! Who wants to be a Prince anyway? He never gets to do anything cool. All he does get to do is kiss the Princess. Eeeeeeeeee!

Superhero 3: Mommy is my Princess. I love Mommy.

Superhero 2: Mommy cannot be your Princess. She is your Mother. Don't you know anything? I want to be a KNIGHT! I get to slay dragons and use a shiny sword. Wooohooo!

Superhero 3: I want to be a KNIGHT too! And Mommy can be the Princess. Okay Mommy?

Mommy: Errrrrrr.... I would rather be the dragon....

Superhero 2: Adam! Why do you always want to include a Princess? Mommy wants to be the dragon lah. There's no girls in this story. Girls are annoying.

Superhero 3: (In an authoritative voice and saying the words slowly as if to explain to a much younger child), Ammar, there MUST be a Princess in this story. If not, what are we fighting dragons and slaying giants for? There must be a girl for us to SAVE!

Superhero 3: But but but........ Er, OH!

Mommy: *Gelak Sakan Pecah Perot*


Ah, Men and Boys. Deep in their hearts, they all want to be heroes.



Drama Mama said... cute! bestnya ramai anak kak...sure syiok layan all their antics kan! hiks

Pink Mama said...

hahahaha..your boys comel giler =)

stardust. said...

ur boys are so adorable!!!

esh said...

cute la depa ni. :D
i am happy u can spend more time with them. i ada visi (cewah) nak macam tu......i'Allah.....

superheroes' mom said...

Stardust, I have to agree! ;P

superheroes' mom said...

Esh, I doakan visi u akan tercapai ya =) InsyaAllah...

superheroes' mom said...

PM, memang derang ni kelakar sampai kekadang bende2 yang tak terfikir diorang akan kata =)

superheroes' mom said...

DM, mmg meriah, terhibur dgn keletah derang ni. But, kadang feninggggggg juga =)

ERMAYUM said...

heheheh thats funny


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