Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nanti Rumah Bawah Jambatan

The Mommy will automatically hang her apron whenever The Daddy is away on business. This week is no exception to the self-made rule. Monday night she took the boys for dinner at Kayu Manis. Tuesday night to Domino's. And tonight, Wednesday night, to Secret Recipe. Her sons were ecstatic. Dinner out at favourite eating places for three nights in a row. Already excited for what's in store tomorrow night, Superhero 1 suggested San Francisco Pizza. Superhero 2 shouted out Ayers Rock. Superhero 3 agreed to both suggestions. Superhero 4 is still innocent and would be happy chomping down Koko Krunch with HL Milk. The Mommy was doing Math in her head. Dinner out easily cost RM100+ each time as she has a big family. 

Superhero 1: So Mommy, where to for dinner tomorrow?

Mommy: Errr.... home I think.

Superhero 2: But WHY?

Mommy: Because if we do this every night, we might end up living UNDER THE BRIDGE. 

Superhero 1,2 & 3: Wowwwww!!! How COOL is that? When do we move to the new house Mom? Will there be an actual RIVER? Will we have a BOAT?

Mommy: Eh?! @$%&#



cikyah75 said...

Dah nama pun budak2 kan Wi? hehehehe......

superheroes' mom said...

hahahahahah..... kelakar betol derang ni tau =D

esh said...

kehkehkeh. kelakar la.

superheroes' mom said...

Esh, I pun senyum kambing jek lepas dengar dorang xcited nak pindah kat rumah bawah jambatan =)


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