Thursday, October 21, 2010


My home state Selangor Darul Ehsan (being the most densely populated and urban state) kicked off with NO PLASTIC BAG DAY for every Saturdays since January 2010. It is without a doubt a very commendable effort and I am proud to be a Selangorian, as we are the first state in the country to have implemented the campaign. This campaign's main objective is to advocate against the indiscriminate use of plastic bags.

When first finding out about this, my initial response was 'Huh, boleh ke orang Malaysia ni?"
But I was ALL FOR IT. If we want to be a truly progressive nation and all that, we should pay attention to issues such as this, and do our bit for the environment and preserve precious landfill life.

Are you doing your share? I must say it has become a habit for me and hubs to bring with us reusable bags when we do our grocery  shopping whether to Tesco XTra or Giant during the weekends. For the past week, I have started bringing my reusable bag to my neighbourhood MyMydin also. But of course, some days I terlupa, and some days when beli barang banyak sangat, sampai tak cukup bags yang dibawa, kena guna plastic bags juga =) But, plastic bags tu di-recycle jadi plastic sampah. So, it's not just for single use lah.

So peps, make sure u bring reusable bags with ya or leave some in your car ya =)

Eco-warrior wannabe ;p

Create Awareness For The Environment
Start With Self!


fizamior said...

hye SHM!!!!! love ur raya pic kat blog header tu... nice!!!! :)

superheroes' mom said...

Hi FizaMior!!! Long time no hear hehehhe... Thank u luv, that's ma familia... all boys xcept for moi! tee hee

Ms Dots said...

Lawa tudung.. beli kat mana?

superheroes' mom said...

ms dots, one of the kiosks @ giant stadium =)


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