Saturday, October 9, 2010

Black Pepper Lamb Pie and Ayam Mandi buat kami GEMBIRA!!

Am extra chirpy and energetic today! Not only because it's the weekend, but also because Mr. Ako has returned home after a week in Jakarta. Yeah, smiles all around yo! Not only me, but the kids as well. Also, the daily pesterings from the heroes to dial their daddy's number has stopped now that he's home. Fuh! I can relax a tiny bit as their Daddy becomes another target for them to annoy, not just me! Hahahahahah =)

Anyway, told you earlier in a previous post that when the hubster is out of town, I automatically becomes a lazy bone. Kids enjoy the daily food scoutings with me outside from home. Imagine, this week alone we bombarded KFC about 3 times and Secret Recipe 3 times too! That excludes Kayu Manis, Mak Jah's, Domino's and Tanjung Corner. Habih la semua tempat makan kat BJ tu kitorang serang kan.

The kids' favourite place in BJ apart from Domino's, is Secret Recipe. Them and their Fish & Chips and Mac & Cheese. Me with my pastries of course. I like the Black Pepper Lamb Pie. Pic above, yums. I like their Chicken Cornish also.

Ha, tengok ni. Right after school ajak pegi Secret Recipe.

But, dalam asyik makan kat kedai, I still cook okay. My kitchen ada juga berasap. That's when my Roasted Ayam Tonggeng was prepared. Yummy tak nampak? The kids love it. Padahal, I dok marinade chacha marba je heheheheheh... Alhamdulillah diorang suka.

So they show their appreciation with kisses for their tired Mommy.


Liyana said...

Roasted ayam tonggeng tu, dlm marinade camca merba pun,I bet sampai diorang besar akan ingat their mom is the best cook..

superheroes' mom said...

Liyana, hopefully they feel that way. But bila dah besar nanti, I hope they will cook for me instead of the other way around heheheh


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