Monday, October 11, 2010

The Best of Friends

Superhero 1 has this thing called Monday Topic every Monday morning during assembly in his school. A particular topic will be given on Thursday, and each student is to prepare for it over the weekend. Topics given are from a wide range of subjects. Each student is to prepare the task given and get it ready to be presented in front of all their friends and teachers.

I find this a good exercise to develop confidence and improve speech/public speaking skills. Anyway, there's one week that the topic was My Best Friend. I was wondering who he will write about, and later show to his friends and teachers. I was thinking maybe he would write about his classmate Amar, or maybe about the Iranian girl Bahar, or the African boy Hafeny. Or maybe Anis?

So, guess who Azfar (above pic) wrote about?


Instead of My Best Friend, it became My Best Friends =)
He wrote about his two brothers, Superhero 2 & 3.

But poor thing kan......
Superhero 4 was not mentioned! 
Alaaahhhhh, syian nyeeeee.......

When asked why little Azan was not included, Azfar replied " Tak best lah dia, asyik nak jerit and naaaaaangissss aje!"


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ERMAYUM said...

that is sweeettttttttttt :)


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