Friday, November 21, 2008

Ammar's Concert 2008

Ammar's Annual Concert cum Sports Day (Annual Family Day) was two weeks ago. It was held at the school compound itself (will suggest to the teachers for a different venue next year). It was a real fun event although I had to leave early, I missed the Sports part as I had to dash home for BabyAzan. Mr.AKO swapped with me. I took the first half and him the second half of the event (masa tu xde bibik lagi, sbb tu gilir2) ;-D

Ammar before he was off to the school, posing habis. Ikut sapa la agaknya?

Ammar and Mummy

Ammar and friends before the event starts and before costume change.

Ammar introducing himself in Mandarin, he was speaking it with confidence. Bravo Ammar!.

Syafiq, Ammar, Harith and Dhiya singing songs in Mandarin.

Singing.... Dancing....

and Jiving......... (with partner Anis)

Love the girls' costume...comel :)

Break time!

After the event, off for roti canai with Daddy!

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