Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Been toying around with the idea of a new stroller for BabyAzan. Been using Ammar's 5 year old stroller for the past 6 months, time to put it to rest after 5 years of hard service. The front wheels have gone cranky so it is perfectly justifiable to get a new one. *cough cough*

After buying 3 strollers in the past (2 Combi and 1 MacLaren), I wanted to try a different brand. It has to be of good quality as it will be carrying 'precious cargo' plus it will be put to use for at least 4 years. It has to be light but sturdy, must be easily portable, needs to be easily opened and closed and also, pleasing to the eye and manouvres easily. Hmmmnnnnn.......

I like the Silver Cross Dazzle. But which colour?
Silver Cross Dazzle Strollers in Grape, Cosmic Black, Blueberry, Pumpkin, Silver Grey and Fern
PUMPKIN maybe?

I'm loving the Dazzle! Go t0 Silver Cross for info on it's great products.


echo machine said...

so sesuai... azan also macam pumpkin what... wheee....!!!

dikwirina said...

kan? comel kan? love pumpkin 1 and 2 =)


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