Thursday, November 20, 2008

Board (Bored?!) Games

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It's only the very beginning of the looooong end of year school hols but I have already played THREE rounds of Snake & Ladder (and that's today only). Haiyoh, how? Q , being Q will always insist to be the first to throw the dice, no chance for all the rest to be first. Ammar doesn't take losing lightly, he will put on his angry face and sulk.  Adam reeeaally slows the game down because his 'teddy bear' will be throwing the dice for him (this involved the process of him putting the dice between the teddy's hands, him rolling around in excitement seeing that the teddy is 'holding' the dice and everyone peering here there and everywhere for the dice as he, or rather 'teddy' had thrown it too far). Once it was under the tv cabinet, way at the very baaaaccck of the tv cabinet. Another time, it rolled down the stairs. And yet another time, it was flung into the laundry basket and I had to take out all the folded clothes to search  for the dice. Mind you, this is the miniature Snake & Ladder game set (bought it for RM2.99) so you can imagine how small the dice is.

The rest of the time, they occupy themselves playing PS2 and Nintendo DS (did I mention Mr. AKO bought 2 new DSs from Hk, so now there's 3! Agak melampau juga-lah), and watched TV. Last year's end of year hols I have drawn up a timetable for them to follow; whereby the first half of the day we engaged in Arts & Crafts, Story Time and doing various worksheets. The later part of the day I would bring them out to the playground, bring them to the shops or simply play mega blocks together. It was nice. 

 This year, I couldn't carry those activities out as I am so occupied with BabyAzan (who is still fully BFed), and furthermore now I'm only left with one maid. And it's only her second day pulak tu today so I am also busy showing her the ropes. Sorry boys. I feel a bit guilty for letting the electronic gadgets 'babysit' them. I am trying to convince myself that it's okay, there are some educational elements involved while playing Mario Kart, Kung Fu Panda and Super Mario :-s

Haihhh.... not easy being a mother. Always thinking
Am I doing the right thing?
Am I doing the wrong thing?
Should it be this way?
Should it be that way?
Should I be more strict?
Should I be more lenient?
How to divide my time between the four of them?
Should I punish, should I reward?
Would it be better if I do it like this or maybe like that?
and on and on and on.
The sure fire question which always popped into my mind, "Am I being a good mother?" is alwaaaaays haunting me.

High-strung kah saya ni?
Harapnya tidak. If not I will have to take the likes of the Dopamine pills again. TAK MAO!

(But if I have to play Snake & Ladder again for 3 times tomorrow, I will pop the pills myself willingly, heh heh). Joooooking Mr. AKO, relaaaax.

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