Thursday, November 13, 2008


Recently there was an article in one of the national newspaper about babywearing. There were huge pictures of trendy moms and dads carrying their babes in even trendier baby slings/pouches. Now babywearing is the latest trend. It's HOT, it's IN. Moms and Dads who use the babyslings are seen cool and hip people. Kiranya bukan saja cool tapi smart kerana tahu kebaikkan babywearing ini. 

Sebenarnya, kaedah ini telah lama dipraktikkan oleh orang kita. Cumanya dulu ia banyak dipopularkan oleh bibik2 kita, yang menggendong anak-anak kita menggunakan kain batik lepas. As I remembered, 8 years ago when I had my first son, ramai orang kita yang tidak mahu anaknya digendong dengan cara ini. Macam kuno-lah. Macam malu-lah. Macam tak happening-lah. Admittedly,I was one of those people ;-D

When I had my second son, my maid at that time started to 'gendong' my babe. Though I was skeptical at first, I eventually relented seeing how the baby looked very contented and slept so soundly being 'gendong-ed'. My maid gendong my babe many times while accompanying me to hypermarkets and running errands. Banyaklah mata-mata yang memandang dengan pandangan sinis. I pun masa tu terasa macam had to prove a point pulak, weiii I'm not kuno okay! What was funny was how I made sure I wore branded items *cringe* and spoke accented English to show to people that I did not come from the boondocks of Malaysia. God, was I paranoid! And shamefully kind of shallow jugak kan? But I'm sure many of you out there sometimes act silly too. Then termalu sendirilah.

When I had my third baby, baby slings began to have it's own followers. At that time finally we have a variety of attractive baby slings from My Gendong (still exist ke tak?), Little Haven , Baby Loft and a few other online stores from Singapore. I remembered buying mine from Rita Rahayu of Mom's Little Ones. I began to learn how to wear my baby. It was so very very awkward at first. Coudn't get the position right after so many tries, started to feel kind of dumb also (aikkk, the bibik senang aje boleh buat, haku tak dapek jugak?). I managed to get it in the end. But most of the time, bibik would be the one to gendong the babe. 

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I currently do not have a bibik and have been maidless for two months now. Apart from taking care of my baby, there are my three other heroes as well AND the husband. My hands are full. So, I now declare the baby sling as one of the most genius creation in baby world. It keeps my hands free so that I can do other things while carrying Baby Azan. It comforts and soothes the baby. It helps the baby go to sleep. Now, I am an expert in the arts of babywearing. The only position I have not tried is the back carry as the baby needs to be a little bit older for that.

But................. my new bibik will be arriving next week. Maybe I shouldn't have to learn the back carry after all :-P

Babywearing/menggendong is the bomb peeps! Try it. Don't be disheartened if u fail at first. Try again and again till u get the groove right. Okay?

Above, pics of me menggendong BabyAzan with my 3 year old baby sling. Time to order a new one. Hmmnnn... ok then peeps. I have to shop for a new one now! Excited ni!


whole lotta mama said...

I stumbled onto your blog. Have you seen the Puj stuff? I think they have a few really simple slings for moms too... Their site is I think. Love ya. one mama to another.

cikyah 75 said...

Wi, I agree with you! I also have this baby sling and too bad I discovered it only when I had my boy. I also had the same experience org pandang2 bila kita pakai gendong ni tapi buat dekk aje sbb memang cpmfortable sgt n helps alot sbb Firdaus pun tembam jugak cam azan so kalau dukung memang tak larat! Biau je org nak pandang ko. Itu tandanya, ko memang cantik, menarik, tertarik, memang DABOMB! (even with baby sling! heheheheh)

dikwirina said...

whole lotta mama: browsed the pij site, the slings are gorgeous!

cikyah: thnx for cheering me on :)

eleena said...

i am loving my mei tai Kozy carrier...i find it a whole lot more comfy than more backaches...try lah!! can buy @ peekaroobaby or tiny tapir.


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