Sunday, November 2, 2008


Arrrghhhhh... I'm sick of being stuck at the seafood restaurant in Diner Dash!!!! I hate the Cellphone Addicts who make my life hell, driving my customers away with their non-stop whingeing. I can't be taking order, serving food, collecting the tabs, cleaning-up, seating the guests while at the same time giving out complimentary drinks and popcorn. Don't even get me started on the mopping part,  I would go stark raving MAD. 

My fish curry did not turn out well today. The fact that I used santan kotak did not help matters. My curry was too runny, the fish used not so fresh. I did not put in garlic as I didn't have any and was too lazy to go out and get them. And it tasted sweet. Kinda. No, I did not put in sugar if that's what you are thinking. EEEsshhhh.... In short, it was blahhh. 
Mr. AKO said I *drama*.

And also, got an email informing me that my domestic helper will arrive on the 20th December AT THE EARLIEST! What about AT THE LATEST? + 2 weeks more-lah from the 20th tu. As far as I'm concerned, the latter usually happens.
Apa Nak Jadi?

Right now I feel like PMS. No, I'm not having my menses.

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