Saturday, November 15, 2008

Soft as a Baby's Bottom

I was introduced to some really fabulous baby products e-store by my friend recently. I have never used cloth diapers for any of my babes before but these modern-day ones got me really excited!  They come in various attractive colors and designs. Cloth diapers are soft against baby's skin and make less of a footprint in our planet, real environmental friendly. You know how disposables though real easy to use made our baby's bottoms more prone to nappy rash. And they come with real absorbent inserts so it's guaranteed to be leak free. Although they are a bit pricey, but in the long run if you do the math, it really is economical.

Flamingo OS Pocket
Look, so cute! Of course I will not buy this pink one for BabyAzan. I just couldn't resist putting this pink one up because it's so pretty!

Dalmation AI2
And here is the one with Dalmation design.


And more more more..
Huh! Got you interested too no? Hee Hee. Go to Lil Danzell, Mia Bambina and Tiny Tapir.

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