Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Giant Tart ?!

My Mr. AKO is a die-hard fan of pineapple tarts. Every Raya I will make sure there's enough pineapple tarts to last him the whole Syawal month. He will be munching 'em while watching ESPN, he will be munching 'em while reading the newspapers, he will be munching 'em while doing nothing and he will be munching 'em the most when he is talking to me (or rather listening to me yakking) maybe because the munching action might make him appear more interested in what I was saying? Or it stops him from yawning away? Hmmnnn.... this is it then after 9 years of marriage eh? The tarts become the subject of desire. Ha Ha. *ehem mr ako, u better deny this tau, or else tido kat sofa he he*

Anyway, my bro drove me to the neighbourhood shops earlier and I asked him to go to the bakery to get my pastry fix. The shop's name is Chocolate Nice, they do sell tasty cakes. Then I saw these bigger than usual sized pineapple tarts, 6 in a box and priced RM4 per box. I just had to buy 'em and taste 'em and post the photo in my blog so that Mr. AKO who is currently in HK will drool and be miserable... ha ha ha.... wicked wife I am.

The tarts taste real sedap, it melts in the mouth. The filling mmmmmm....delicious. I already ngap ngap ngap 2 of 'em and plans to ngap ngap ngap later right before I go to bed.

Right, now let's look at my apple crumble. He is much better today, the coughing not so bad anymore. Today, he had been hard at work, trying to turn himself over. Just a tiny bit more and he will be able to roll on his stomach all on his own. Keep up the good work Azan! If I put him on his stomach, he is able to turn on his back with ease, this he mastered last week already.
I tried numerous times today to capture his motion while he was trying to rollover but to no avail. The minute he sensed the camera's presence, he would turn on his back again while looking at me imploringly as if saying "Oh mum, please let me be. I am working here".
Oh well, budak-budak zaman sekarang. More updates on his rolling over efforts in coming posts ok peeps. 

Today is Wednesday, Mr. AKO will only be back on Sunday. Lamanya lagi. Sigh.


iNa said...

i m also a tart lover
tgk giant tart tu rasa sekarang gak nak gi kedai tu...hehehe

dikwirina said...

kalau kita dok dekat2 skarang jugak wi pegi hantar kat umah ina :-)


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