Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sisters' Day Out

It had been soooo long since we had our Sisters' Day Out. My sister Baby and I used to have our Sisters' Day Out once every month. Yes, no doubt we see each other 2 or three times a week, usually at my parents' or at the office but we insist on a special day where we go to a nice restaurant/cafe/eating place for food and gossips. Other activities include going for manicure/pedicure, facials, shopping and other girly things that we enjoy. However, this time around there was a guy who tagged along. BabyAzan :) Off to The Curve we went, and had a grand time at The Apartment.

Ahhhhh.... kan best kalau BabyAzan tido je camni masa kitorang nak enjoy the day. But noooooo. I had to dukung him most of the time and he was not on his best behaviour. Actually, he was not feeling well. His badan a bit panas so he was rather restless half the time. But adeh, sakit pinggang den kena dukung dia. 10 kg tu, not lightweight ok.

Baby showing off a cutesy kitschy pendant in the shape of a bustier that her Mr. A gave her. Happy la tu. Elehhhh. He He.

The little pumpkin I love!

If u go to The Apartment, be sure to try this dessert. Sedap giler! Strawberry Peach Pavlova. Sinfully delish. Delicately baked sweet meringue, served with strawberry and peaches and cream. Dessert Nirvana it was indeed.

BabyAzan having a great time bullying Mummy and oooooffff, look at those horrid eyebags. Yecchhh. 

BabyAzan looking away, Ish Ish Ish.

BabyAzan and his Zsu-Zsu

Hmmnnnn..... where to for our next Sisters' Day Out? Any suggestions?


iNa said...

geramnye tgk pipi dia...gebusssssss

dikwirina said...

pipi kuih pau bak kata cikyah.kalau baby semua pasal dia cute kan. kalau dah 'season' cam saya ni...hmmnn.... alahai..... ha ha h ah ha


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