Monday, November 10, 2008

Clicking from my old room.

Me and my boys are currently crashing at my parents'. Mr.AKO will be in  HK till the 15th. Don't think I can survive all on my own at my own casa without any adult help. Have been here since Sunday. Basking in the comfort of my childhood bedroom, mom's cooking and extra help from Tina, my mom's house help. 

Poor BabyAzan is down with flu. His first experience. His fever had subsided but he is still coughing, mostly due to the phlegm. Apart from that he is still the cheerful little baby, crying only when he had to take his meds. Really hope he will get well soon.

Another week left before the school hols. I am anticipating my house abuzz with activities. Am trying to prepare myself mentally and physically on the oncoming onslaught. Ha ha ha.

Mr. AKO mentioned that we would probably head off to the east next week. Yeayy! And rumour has it that there will be a happy occasion in the north nearing the end of the year. Looking forward to that. Oh, there's Azfar's birthday too to think about early December. Hmmnnnn... I have to put on my thinking cap now. Excuse me, minta diri dulu-lah.


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