Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Pyramid

Our wireless router had gone wonky. Bahhhh! So last night we went off to Sunway Pyramid to get a new one. Bad timing as we arrived there after 8pm and BOY! Jam-packed lah that place. Early Christmas shopping plus it's the school hols and about the time of the month when people received their pay; no surprise then huh. As usual, once we were in there; the wireless router was forgotten. Too busy looking at other stuff. We brought along the two youngest boys of the Khairo clan.

A very very HAPPY Smiley Adam and........ BabyAzan looking flabbergasted at something. I wonder what was it that was so awesome to garner that look from him.
This picture was taken in the Baby Room while mummy was nursing Azan. The Baby Rooms in the new wing are equipped with hot/warm water dispenser which is good but what was annoying was the way the workers of the mall kept dropping in the room to get free distilled water. The room was off limits to males (for obvious reasons) but there you go..... grrrrr... tak paham bahasa!

Azan chilling in his Pumpkin Dazzle... kekenyangan susu :)

Akhirnya, router was forgotten. Went to Wendy's instead. Hmmnn... I loike the Shrimp Burger. Adam was too engrossed watching the Ice Hockey game being played at the rink that he was not at all interested in the food. But the poor dear started coughing due to some allergens that triggered his eczema, skin started getting itchy and he was starting to claw his face :( off we went to the pharmacy to get the antihistamine. Went home shortly after.
Eczema, Be Gone!!!

Sunway Pyramid Part 2
Went to Pyramid again today. We were informed last night that the sales starts today. Bought a few essentials. Worth it because of the sales. Things were going from 50% to 70% off in Jusco. Hmmnn... as we had fast food last night , today we chose some healthier options. 

Above, my scallops and mushroom soupy pasta. My only complain was that the portion was small. He He.

Ammar enjoying his butter corn pasta. With Choco Shake of course ;)

Mummy with BabyAzan who was extremely excited watching Daddy eating his aglio-olio! I should start introducing him to solids. Okay, that's Sunway Pyramid twice in a row. Cukuplah for this month. Nak pegi tempat lain pulak. Psssttt.... do you know I have not even once set foot in Pavilion KL? So frog under the coconut shell kan?


cikyah 75 said...

Wi, don't be disheartened about never been to Pavilion. Fyi, I have NEVER been to MidValley-what more pavilion. So, am a BIGGER frog under the coconut shell! hahaha

dikwirina said...

so shud we have our ladies chit chat club meeting in midvalley then coming december? hehe


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