Sunday, May 17, 2009

Berjaya Times Square....Again???

Ah, we found ourselves @ Berjaya Times Square again after only 2 weeks visiting the Krispy Kreme outlet earlier. Memang sangat jarang ke sini, kalau datang pun sebab ada birthday party @ Cosmo's World Theme Park. We did not plan to come here, we went 'pusing2 round2' around the KL area last Saturday petang for want of better things to do (boring lah tu sbbnya!). Serious tak ramai orang masa tu. Then, Azfar Q wanted to eat pizza and I suddenly remembered there's a new Papa John's Pizza outlet opened in BTS. New as in launched in last January that is.

Adam followed Mummy around like a loyal puppy even when  Mommy is trying out clothes @ Metrojaya :) This boy refused to go with Daddy & the brothers. Insisted to be Mommy's shadow.

There he is again. "Mommy, I want to follow you. Woww!! Nice baju Mommy. Can I try new baju also Mommy pleaaaasseeee??? I want you to buy me many new baju!" Errrr... hello? Buy you many new baju and then you insist on wearing the same ones over and over again? It's either the Dinosaur one or the Ben 10 one or the Mario one, remember? Haiihhh...

The boys and Dad suka pegi kedai ni. But they did not request to buy anything, good boys! They felt happy and satisfied just gawking at the figurines there. Even I have to admit, nice things there! But more of like collector's items stuff.  Kira kalau beli kena jaga elok2 lah, kalau baling2 and tukarkan kepala kaki tangan benda alah tu, baik tak payah - membazir aje nanti!!

He he he, BTS upper levels have the 'Sg Wang' vibe :) Here you can see many shops with errr... interesting stuff. Macam2 fashion or shall I say 'pesen'. Eh heh...

Amacam, dare u try this look? Great place to people watch also. As in macam2 jenis fashion pakaian which identify which group there are in. Yang Goth ke, yang Harajuku ke and macam2 lagilah.... It's mindblowing, the way they dress ;) 

Yeeeaaaa.... pic of the scrumptious pizza that we had @ Papa Johns. Serious sedaplah, would definitely come back for more! But  the the other outlet is at IOI Mall Puchong! Mengapa begitu kejam?

Here's another shot. Each pizza order is accompanied with jalapenos. Sedapnye.... ee dah drooling pulak teringat kesedapannya. Fyi, the dough is freshly made everytime, no frozen base used. And the toppings.... it's simply better lah!

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