Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You R What U Eat

You are what u eat people!! When I was younger I did not really care too much about about maintaining a healthy diet. Not diet nak kurus but the kind of food I put in my mouth. Like many of the younger generation, suka sangat makan KFC McD and then makan Twisties, Super Rings and favourite was Cheezels. Especially during uni days, consumed lots of junk food. Coz it was fast, easy to get and oiiii tastynyeerrr :)

But now I am making a conscious effort to ensure that my kids and family eat mostly food with nutritional value. The less preservative, additives and colourings so much the better. Hey, it was not easy at first coz it was always tempting to take the 'short cut', bagi makan frozen nuggets, sausages and drive thru kat fast food outlets kan senang. But then life throws some challenges my way - these type of food memang sangat detrimental to my Azfar with mild Adhd and also my Adam who has acute eczema. Then began the transformation, and the results of changing the eating habit reaps very positive rewards :) Alhamdulillah. 

Bukan tak ada langsung makan fast food semua tu but banyak kuranglah. And I'm glad.

Trying to ikut macam sunah Nabi. 
AVOID these:-
- makan organ dalaman, kepala ikan (esp mata)
- makanan yg terdedah (dijilat syaitan-yucckkk)
- makanan or minuman yang ada semut
All of the above melemahkan daya ingatan

- must have madu, kurma, air zam-zam. kurma kuatkan daya ingatan. eat 7 biji kurma everyday    can neutralize racun and hindarkan dari sihir/ilmu hitam
- fruits, vegetables and meat (of course, go easy on the red meat)
- also fresh milk, raisins and nuts especially almonds

To those of you who's pregnant, do eat almonds and raisins and drink fresh milk daily. 

Pesanan penaja, Makanan Sihat Keluarga Selamat. Eh heh.


Anonymous said...


Penaja bagi pesanan Makanan Sihat Hidup Selamat je ke?

Penaja tu takde ke taja makanan sihat untuk blog readers? Haha :P


dikwirina said...

Hmmn...mayb coz family penaja tu je yang boleh telan makanan masakan penaja tu kot :)


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