Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bittergourd Oh You So Sedap

Everytime Q got into the car after school, he will ask for his bottle of mineral water. The tumbler full of water he brought to school would obviously be empty by then. His class usually ends at 3 pm. Masa tu panas woooo! So either me or Mr AKO, depends on who's picking him up that day, would always be ready with a bottle of water for him. Today, I found a 'limited edition' spritzer bottle. Comel-lah. See below;

I had some time on my hands before Q ended his day in school today, so I went to lunch at a food court in a shopping centre I frequent quite often now due to its close proximity with Q's school. The place is quite new. I feel that the quality of food sold at food courts all over the Klang Valley have declined tremendously. I remember even the food court in Giant used to have yummilicious food. Now, hmmnnnn..... tapi boleh lah kan kalau perut dah lapar ;) Here's the food court. It has a nice play area there. Sambil mummy daddy makan, kekanak boleh main kat situ. Convenient jugak, tapi kalau ramai orang imagine the din!

Saya pencinta bittergourd/peria katak, so I had ayam & peria bersos lada hitam with rice. Sadly dissappointed my lotus soup tadak tapi takpelah :)
Amboi makan tak hengat kan. Oh oh oh, esok adalah hari yang sangat bermakna! Apakah? Tungguuuuu........


Anonymous said...


Jusco baru ke? Kat mana ni? Eh Wi dh pindah ke belum?


dikwirina said...

Rd, tak la baru sgt opening Jusco AU2 ni December last year :)
Sy akan pindah school hols ni


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