Monday, May 18, 2009

KL Yang Lengang

Last Saturday petang, me and the boys keboringan so Mr.AKO brought us 'pusing2'. Pusing2 tu sampai KL. We were quite seronok as jalan semua macam lengang je. The roads were mostly deserted y'all! Wahhh, we thought it was our lucky day lah since the only other lengang time usually time Raya.

Hmmnnn.... see? Quite deserted kan. Baru pagi ni I terperasan why. Mr. AKO is currently outstation so I drove Azfar to school this morning so dengar lah Hot FM. They berceloteh pasal the outcome of AF 7. Juara AF 7? Hafiz? Oh MY MY MY, patut la lengang semacam. Last Saturday AF 7 Finals!!! Ramai yang stay in because of that. 

I watched AF 1 till AF 3 dilligently. AF 4 & 5 sikit-sikit. AF 6 only finals. AF 7 - not at all. Sebab tu terkejut pagi2 dgr Faizal-Fara berceloteh pasal finals tak henti2.

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