Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Walkabout

Hi people! In my previous post, I mentioned that my sis Baby is going away for a short holiday to an island that I have never been before. I didn't realize how soon is soon, she's going off tonight itself! Coincidentally today I had to spend a lot of time with her, to futher on our research about our future venture. As the location of the place we went to was in that part of the city where sis Baby's Mr. A was working, we invited (forced) him to meet us for a little lin-lins. Lunch, that is :) Mr. AKO wanted nasi lemak, so we ended up at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa (of the famous NLA Kg Bharu) @ Jusco Setiawangsa.

Mr. AKO's nasi lemak with sambal sotong and fried egg. I had one with sambal kerang. Errmmmm, the sambal was a tad too sweet for our taste buds. Hmmm...

Manis pun manislah, so hungry already, so dig in Mr. AKO! I enjoyed the calamansi drink I ordered, I think Babes enjoyed her assam boi drink also. In short, the resto is not lacking in the drinks dept. But can the drinks compensate for the sambal? 

Dua orang budak yang happy banget above. These two people radiate happiness so you can't help but feel happy being around them. Oh, after lunch, we had to say bye-bye to Mr. A and we headed back to PJ. After a few errands, the sister decided that she still wanted to hang around with me as she will miss me so much when she's away (yeah right!) so she 'umpan' me with tea for two. We went to a small bakery cum cafe for a little gossip session.

We had scones with whipped cream and cheap strawberry jam. Although the scone was misshappen and it's not clotted cream with homemade jam, it tasted divine as we were laughing our heads off at something or other every two seconds or so.

I had Earl Gray tea (they did not have Lady Gray), she had Nescafe O Ais (what the keropok lekor?), and oh I think we also consumed bread and butter puding (refer pic above).

And for someone with a petite frame, can you believe she had this big breakfast platter too? This cafe serves all day breakfast so that explains why she is having the breakfast set. My sister is such a glutton lah. And she paid for our tea too, splendid girl! After tea, off we went to our separate routes but not before I dragged her to a light industrial zone, just so I can snap a pic of this little cutie.... Ta daaaa

Cute kan?

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