Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Snorkel, Dive, Kayak, Swim... chaiitt!!

Here I append a pic of two close friends. Both are superb girls with very special talents of their own. Love them. But, I would like to say that I am feeling a little jealous of the one wearing the rabbit ears. Hmmpphhh.....

Because very very soon she will be going on a short holiday (aiyerr, Mr Boss luluskan cuti dia, lain kali freezekan aje... he he he) to a really splendid place that I have never been to!!! Arggghhh, the eyes turning green already ;)

Okay la, reluctantly I wish her a happy holiday (wekkkkk!!) with her friends especially Chicky Aloha. Don't forget to slather on the sunscreen and wear those sunnies (mcm la first time dia pegi beach holiday he he). Don't forget to eat healthy (yes, this applies on holiday too ha ha ha) and drink plenty of H2O.
And always wash your hands & bring those little hand sanitizer, u kow la with the swine flu thing going and all....... ok la ok la..... just..... HAPPY HOLIDAYS BABES!!! Have fun (not too much though... heeee)

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