Saturday, May 16, 2009


How I miss my days as a teacher! Sure, the workload was unbearable. The working environment and condition urghh. No rest even during holidays - there were courses to attend, exams to invigilate, exam papers to mark etc. Sometimes, no respect from the students or even the parents. But there were rare gems of students and parents also, yang buat rasa semua penat-lelah berbaloi - dan rasa diri amat dihargai. Nope, these special moments bukan hanya during Teacher's Day sahaja. Whenever I see students enjoying some classroom or school related activities, I feel a warm fuzzy feeling right there in my heart of hearts. I feel proud of the students achievement and progress, however miniscule especially if the progress is made by the students in the last two 'corot' classes.

And I learnt that in real life or in the real working world, the one who will be hands-on might not be those students from the top two classes. Sometimes the one who scored straight A's might not be such a shining example of an employee. And those whom we see as 'macam takde harapan' might be the ones who will be making the most dough in later life. And the naughty ones who always skip school and are such cheeky monsters might in the end, join the police force. Yes, life is unpredictable, no?

I remembered my first time celebrating Teacher's Day with my students in 2000. I received so many presents and flowers that I had to carry them home in two large garbage bags! Ah, so my presence was somehow significant then; I would like to think, in their lives :)

Anyhow, Ammar and Adam celebrated Teacher's Day yesterday in their kindy. They were right chuffed, so happy they were to be bringing their teachers presents to the schools. They warned me to get REALLY NICE presents for their teachers, and that they TRUST me to get nice presents as I would know what their teachers would like as I am a girl, just like them :)) 

Adam, going off to school with gift bags for teachers clutched tightly in his hands.

Ammar, gingerly holding on to the gift bags for his teachers while putting on his sandals before going off to the Teacher's Day celebration.



fara rasep said...


sy pergi sekolah hari tuh utk amik MUET.jumpa laa cikgu2 lama tapi semuanya yang tak pernah ajar tak berapa nak igt cikgu azlin macam mana?kat mana dia sekarang?

dikwirina said...

Fara, thanks for the wish - lama tak terima ucapan tu ;)
Cikgu Azlin is teaching in Cheras now I believe and staying kat Bandar Sri Putra, Bangi. Last time I met her was in 2006.


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