Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ole Ole Bali @ Solaris

That's where we went for our Mother's Day celebration this year. Ok, at first sis Baby and I have decided on Bijou @ Mont Kiara Damai but we were then told that they only serve tapas within the timeframe of 2pm - 6pm. Shuucckkss, we had to head somewhere else. As we were already in the Mont Kiara area, we made our way to Solaris. So, we settled for Ole Ole Bali. We chose to be seated outdoors as there was a nice breeze going. My Dad had to miss this as, he was pretty tied up with another matter. Oh, we missed you Dad! Nevertheless, it was an altogether nice and cozy get together sempena Mother's Day :) Oh and BabyAzan tak ikut, dia tidur nyenyak sangat so tak sampai hati nak kejutkan. He stayed back with Bibik. Ala kesiaaaaaannn....

My mom and sis Baby studying the menu. Ammar as usual insisted to be seated next to his grandmother, and Azfar pulak as always will always insist to seat next to Ammar!

My mom and the boys @ Solaris Mont Kiara. 

The Soto. My mom, sis Baby, Mr. Ako and myself had one serving each of the soto. Boleh tahan sedap jugak but the serving was smallish la. 

This is another dish that we had. Some trio platter (Ole ole Trio I think) comprising of Sate Lilit, Cumi Goreng (the batter was superb!) and grilled chicky wings. Served with 3 kinds of dips. Unique that the satay lilit used a stalk of lemongrass instead of lidi!

Naughtynya siapa tu buat tanduk kat saya and Adam. Nakal betul! I had Alpokat (indonesian avocado) juice but tak berapa best lah kat sini, the one at Sari Ratu was way better (in my humble opinion la). But we had a big jug of ice cold Balinese Lime drink and it was awesome!! Pergghhh :D After eating, we went around the area to look look see see the few shops there, and at last went in Cold Storage to get some supplies. Lepas tu, balik rumah.. yeayy. 

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