Friday, May 1, 2009

That Sinful First Bite

That lucky somebody whom I mentioned yesterday, the one who would teman me to Krispy Kreme BTS turned out to be TWO lucky people. Mr. AKO and my Azfar :D Wanted to go with my darling sis Baby but she was busy at work plus it was her first anni-date-sary yesterday so I left her in peace (kali ni). 

Interior of KK, Berjaya Times Square. First ever KK outlet in Malaysia. Ada 2 tingkat, cool :)

Yeah, I had to beratur with all the other eager beavers such as myself :) But it was only about 15 minutes or so. 'Twas allright.

Bought a dozen of mixed variety

and of course a dozen of the melt in the mouth original glazed doughnuts. Oh yummy!!
Pekena dengan kopi O panas. Out of this world I tell you :)
Lepas tu sah2 Sugar High, hyper la sket.
I'm all Kreme-ed out!


azura ahmad samsudin said...

nurul, wah meriah donut2 sekarang yek.. takdelah asyik2 dunkin ajer..

kitaorang minggu lepas tiba2 teringin nak makan dunkin, rupa2nya takde dunkin kat sini .. mmmm KK ajerlah nampak gayanya or donut local yang kadang2 tu sedap gak..

btw, berapa sedozen kk kat sana?

dikwirina said...

aju, if kat US, yang suka makan doughnuts and coffee ni polis dia kan :)

semalam wi beli 2 dozens kira package lah sedozen original glazed & sedozen mixed variety. it was rm37 if i'm not mistaken.

kalau donat malaysia (kuih keria) lagi sodap kan? he he he


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