Monday, May 4, 2009

Gorgeous, Powerful, Successful

I love these ladies! I finally got my hands on the dvd box set of Lipstick Jungle Season 2. 3 cds altogether, I'm done watching one last night. My friend Miss S recommended this tv series to me earlier and I finally got around to watching it. Owwhhh, these ladies are gorgeous, smart and wear such drool-worthy clothes and shoes and handbags. Their make-up and hair so cun jugak :)
And of course, their 'sisterhood bonding'... it must be nice to be a part of that kind of friendship (i know i know, tv je tu but... seronok tengok!!)

However, news confirmed that NBC is pulling the plug on the series. Viewer ratings have not been good despite the attempts to save the show. Oh well, I guess there will soon be others.


Miss S said...

Enjoy the series! Sad it has been axed.. Sob Sob!

dikwirina said...

Yeah... and I'm just starting to warm up to it...


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