Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Baby Boy, BOY lah!

Peeps, my BabyAzan had been mistaken for a baby girl more than once. Worse than that, even my family and relatives said that he looks like a baby girl. Ye ke? I of course rasa tak ;) But the thing that I found funny is that bila orang commented, sebab I nak sangat baby girl so my BabyAzan nampak mcm girl. I have never heard anything so hilarious in my life! Okay, it might be NICE kalau I ada baby girl tapi takde la I sampai kempunan ke, losing sleep over it ke, teringin sampai tahap gaban/cipan ke or anything of the sort :D

To tell you the truth, it's more of suka tengok stuff for baby girls, all the pink little clothes etc and toys meant for girls... I mean normal lah tu, as I am also a girl so I suka lah :)

My very BOYISH BabyAzan - u r free to comment, ada cam girl tak?

Mr AKO cakap it's because mata/raut muka dia nampak lembut. Hmnnn...
What do you think?
Don't worry, I won't 'tersentap' marah if u say yes


Anonymous said...


Exactly like what MR AKO said.. he looks so sweet... raut muka dia cam lembut manis..

He's a cute little boy!! Mmmg gerammmm


dikwirina said...

sweet boy huh RD? i guess i can live with that ;)heh heh hopefully he will be sweet to his mommy sampai besar, Amiin.

Baby Zulkiflie said...

what do you mean YOUR babyazan? he's mine ok.. u tolon beranak kan only...

tra la la..

mmmm... so comel my little boy!!

dikwirina said...

errrr babes.... oooookk. kalau camtu, meh la amik anak ni. boleh moi pegi salon rambut, buat facial, mani-pedi, or gi Bali ngan ako ke?? ngeehhhh ;)

Anonymous said...

yes, he is sweet...it's the puppy dog eyes....if he has curly hair then I can see him being mistaken for a girl. ;-0 But with that hair...macho lah babyazan ni!

anyway, boy or girl to me JUST THE SAME. 10 fingers 10 toes and chubby cheeks is fine by me!
Most of the time, pening jugak nak menjaganye....hihihihi. And as for the clothes and accessories available for girls...pffft, I dress my boy in pink too!


Ninie said...

alahaiii comel sgt! geram laaa hihih

dikwirina said...

kleena, yeappp... I dress ako in pink too.. heh heh

ninie, thanks for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...

they say if the boy looks like a girl when he's a baby,he'll turned out to be super jambu bila da besar ;)

-silent reader


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