Friday, May 8, 2009

Ghostbusting Di Pagi Hari

Heh. Been out early morning with Mr. AKO and sis Baby looking at old bungalows for our upcoming venture. Fuuhhh!!! Ada yang macam berhantu pun tapi tak la seram as its during the day. Dealt with quite a number of real estate agents, all so cute cute la - all like aunty2 style, with mcm2 perangai he he he. Anyways, wheww it was a hot day out indeed. Allright, on with food topic pulak which is one of my interest, and yours too I believe ;)

Yeayyy... to Sri Paandi for brekkie!

My favourite yum yum yum. It was too early for nasik daun pisang la, too bad. After breakfast went to several bungalows, sweat like nobody's business and escaped to Coffee Bean BSC for Iced Coffee. Lega sekejap. Then another round of visits, then off to KL. On the way back, had chicken rice lunch.

Singgah Dunkin Donuts. Hmmnn, Rasa rindu lah with DD so bought half a dozen 'for old times sake'. Ha Ha.

Been eating too much of sugary stuff this past week, better stop for now. Sigh.

Oh go on. U know U want to ;)

p/s: Been thinking hard on where to go for Mother's Day Lunch with the familia this Sunday. I'm hoping my sis Baby will come up with some ideas. Must be a kid-friendly place coz bringing the whole brood along.


*Azreen* said...

i think i saw u and ur sister at BSC tadi! around time sembahyang jumaat kan? :)

Miss S said...

happy mother's day to us :) tiba2 i terinagt miniature golf.. hahaha! n summer fest!

dikwirina said...

azreen, yes that was us! u shld hv given us a holler :)

dikwirina said...

miss s, oh gosh so nostalgic! us 12 years ago, enjoying the summer of 97. don't forget our road trip, oh hw can i forget that road trip :) it was i must say, the best summer of my life, and u will be forever etched in my memory of it. happy mother's day to u too, cheers!

Baby Zulkiflie said...

seronok tak abang bawak jalan-jalan??



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