Monday, December 1, 2008


I have been tagged by my friend Ina.

1. Do you think you are HOT?
Yeaahhhh baby, sizzzzlinggg HAWT! *ROTFL*

2. Upload a favourite pic of u and why is it a favourite?
Coz I was wearing a pink top with pink necklace, there were pink files on the table... ha ha ha and well, I look thin :D

 3. When was the last time you ate pizza?
A couple of weeks ago. Domino's pizza delivered to my house. Pepperoni pizza. Ammar's and Mr. AKO's perennial favourite.

4. The last song u listened to?
'Womanizer' by our dear Brit Brit on Youtube.

5. What are you doing right now besides doing this?
Drinking Earl Grey's tea, listening to Mr. AKO talking on the phone and my one eye watching over BabyAzan sleeping.

6. What name do u prefer besides yours?
EEErrrrr..... donno la. Nusra maybe? Najwa?

7. People to tag

CikYah - Shah
Snowdrop - Ana
IejaSecretLife - Ieja

8. Who is No 1
My friend from college whom I have not met for soooo long.

9. No 3 is having relatonship with?
....... Mr. AKO's youngest brother ;-)

10. Say something about No 5
Readers of my blog whom I would love to get to know :)

11.How about No 2?
A lady who can really rock the kitchen y'all!

12. How about No 4
A dear friend who will be back to work soon and will be parading new wardrobe (kan Ja?) 

Okehhhh... those whom I have tagged, getcha *ss moving! he he


aidil fariha said...

ala,tak jd balik ke?eddie dah nk stat keje da ni..=D

echo machine said...

u never tag me.... how could you...?????

dikwirina said...

wait la echo... next time i will tag u sampai u x larat lagi mau bikin camno?

dikwirina said...

encik aidil, dok jadi balik :( azan and adam dok sihat


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