Monday, December 8, 2008

Aidil Adha 2008

I feel so grown-up! Know why? Because it is the first time ever ever that kitorang sambut raya di rumah sendiri (well, student days kat Edinburgh tak kira la kan). Usually it's either at my parents or my in-laws but this year, this goes down in history man, we sambut raya at OUR own house. Whhooaaaa.... rasa seronok lah, eventhough the only thing that I cooked was the Ketupat Segera Adabi. Bought satay from Haji Samuri, Kak Long & Abg Razman bought lemang and rendang daging @ Taman Tun. Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Kak Long, Abg Razman and Alissa initially planned to go back to Terengganu for raya but due to the landslide, the trip had to be cancelled. Kereta pun takleh nak keluar from BA, road closure kan. So last Saturday, Mr. AKO brought them here. The COUSINS are happy la, boleh main sama-sama.. as u can see from the picture below; 

Ammar, Azfar Q, Alissa and Adam
Mummy and funny boy Adam
Ammar giving tutorial on the Cooking Mama game ;)
Junior DS addict =)
Hari Raya Big Breakfast
Atuk came for a little visit
Alissa swooning over Haji Samuri's satay
My SIL and her hubby, with the kids
Right at about noon, we went to my grandma's house and stayed there till about 6pm together with my parents. Then we drove back home. Had dinner, the ketupat lemang rendang medley again. Wajib lah kan time raya2 ni makan juadah tu. Now everyones retiring to bed. That's our Aidil Adha for this year. How's yours? 

One not so good news though; Adam demam pulak lepas balik from my grandma's. Demam Raya kot?


echo machine said...

air flower-flower!!!

dikwirina said...

that's adam referring to air teh bunga, he calls it air flower-flower =)

ieja said...

hehehhe your raya sounds great. i went back to johor and had a blast too...

dikwirina said...

ieja, yes... it was indeed a nice raya haji day... a bit different as we raya at our own house but good nevertheless. wahhh... kat johor pasti lebih mantap ek?


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