Monday, December 15, 2008

One Superhero Down Part 2

Well, Adam bounced back the second day he was in the hospital. Friday he was admitted, on Saturday he was already full of vigour, Alhamdulillah. His appetite was getting better and his cheeky smile was back!

Wah wah wah, relax nampak! He forced me to purchase the toy phone from the convenience store on Ground Floor. Costed me RM14. Could have gotten it for far less in Pasar Malam Kelana Jaya. Hmmpphhh, terpaksa beli la kan, dia sakit kat spital - kesian (pushover-nye Mummy!)

Green Ranger on the third day at the hospital. Played with the bed remote. The bed was grooaaanning having to go up up up then down down down for so many times ( Mummy snapped after the 6th time so he knew I meant business so he stopped ;D )

Went jalan-jalan all around the hospital. Snapped these photos at the waiting area at the consultants' clinics on ground floor.

BabyAzan had to wear mittens as he oftens scratches his arms and thighs and neck area. Itchy I think, he has eczema. Kesian him. I pray hard for the eczema to be gone by his first year. Aamiin.

My littlest Superhero!

We went to Bubba Gump @ The Curve after Adam checked out from DSH. I love the food presentation. Adam's kiddies Fish & Chips served in a boat and onion rings stacked like a tower (Menara Bawang.. hehe). I looked hideous but what the 'hell'icopter la kan. After that, home sweet home. At last. Now Adam is still on antibiotics, but there's no follow up to the doctor. Last week was a real stressful week for my family. Hope this week is going to be full of laughter and happiness.


cikyah 75 said...

La, I didn't know Adam was at DSH. Kalau tak, buleh gi jenguk dia. Sebelah DSH tu le sekolah cikyah!

dikwirina said...

tu'ah, first time kat dsh. selalu kat sjmc. dia punya doktor kulit pindah frm sjmc to dsh so patient ikut doctor pindah. hehe.

sekolah smdu tu jgn main main - salah sikit nnt cikgu kene saman ngan parents... ha ha ha... typical scenario lah schools in pj/subang/kl kan.. sabbarrrr


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