Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More on Eddie-Ana Engagement

Still not done with the engagement photos. Some readers wanted a closer look at the ring and Mr. AKO was harrassing me to put up a photo with him in it (kah kah, ye ke?). And I thought... welll... yeah... what the heck. Sayanglah kalau tak post a few more photos kan?

A closer look at the ring. 

Eddie in the green Baju Melayu complete with songkok but with no sampin songket. Like Hello? Orang dari Terengganu tak pakai songket hmmnnn? It was not intentional, terlupa to bring. Never mind - nanti time aqad nikah pakai jangan tak pakai ;) And ohhh... my car looks clean in the picture, in real life agak berhabuk gitu. 

Another shot of the hantarans. Quite dissappointed as the photo did not turn out well. Very dark it is. Or is it because of the gloomy setting of the 'nightmarish' villa (they call that villa?) that we stayed in in Alor Setar? I'm not that 'taitai' or snobbish , I think I can adapt well to many different situation or environment but please.. a villa without a kitchen? Not even a kitchenette? That is a total scam okay. With 6 kiddies + a baby in the 'villa' with no kitchen does not make a mummy happy. On a positive note, the 6 kiddies were HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY there, going around playing playing playing like little energizer bunnies. The joys of childhood ey?

Another shot of ayah carrying a sleeping BabyAzan with Acu Eddie in the background.

Okay, these people who look so serene and peaceful are actually waiting for makan. L-R Abang Nazri (Mr. AKO's 2nd brother), Ayah Ngah Din (my MIL's brother) with BabyAzan, the rep from their side, my FIL, Mr. AKO (note the longish hair - he uses more shampoo than I do most probably.. he he... joking!), Eddie (nampak sikit2 aje) and Ayah (my SIL's hubby).

And ta raaa... another one of the couple, bagi dia glamer lagi sekali. That's it folks. Hmmnn... I am awaiting photos taken by Ana's side. Err.. Cik Ana... do u have any? Sudi-sudilah meng'upload' =) 


faRhaNah said...

oh..nnt sy upload - tgh cousin yg amek gmbr dah balik ipoh =P

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Anonymous said...

wah, kami so glamer!!!=D


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