Sunday, December 14, 2008

One Superhero Down

My poor little darling, pic taken on Friday. I can assure you he is feeling much much better yesterday. I even had to bring him 'jalan-jalan' around the hospital as he was feeling better and was bored cooped up in the room. Habis 'tawaf' ground floor twice, went for a snack in the cafetaria even. Then, lepak at the lounge area, also went over to the newly refurbished consultants' clinic area where he oohed and aahed at the central waiting area where a huge circular seating area was placed under a skyroof. Quite cool. Must remember to take a photo there, while it's still new and in good condition ;)

Okay, gtg. Need to get ready to go to the hosp. 
Update later yeah.

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