Friday, December 19, 2008

Pegi Cucuk

Mr. AKO is back. He is still in his yesterday's clothes, slept in jeans and his Polo T. Ish ish ish. However tired, one must always change clothes before sleeping no? When I was younger, my mom was real anal about this. Even when we were dead tired from 'jenjalan' the whole day and reached home at midnight, she would always make sure that we change to our night clothes. 'Nak tidur pakai baju bersih. Jangan malas nak tukar. Nak tidur jangan pakai jeans, tak selesa.' And her words which struck me as odd but I adhere to until now nevertheless is 'Jangan pakai baju jalan/cantik masa tidur. Nanti baju tu cepat buruk.' So now I am mental about this issue too, my kids jangan lah berharap nak tidur dengan baju jalan. Hee hee.

But with my eldest superhero, I kalah. He is very particular on this. His clothes are categorized into 'Baju Jalan. Baju Dok Umah. Baju Gi Kedai Dekat. Baju Gi Music Class. Baju Tido.' And this regiment he will not break. If we go out for a bit and he pakai Baju Gi Kedai Dekat, when we get back home he will get into Baju Umah even when the Baju Gi Kedai Dekat he wears only for an hour and is of course clean and more than suitable to be worn still. Well, thats Azfar Q for you. I am trying to make him more flexible. 

Okay folks, I am taking BabyAzan for his vaccination. After that... hmmnnn... maybe a little shopping? 

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