Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eddie-Ana Engagement 27/12/08

Remember I mentioned about prepping up some 'benda ngenik-ngenik' for an event which was scheduled on the 27th of December 2008? I was referring to making 'hantarans' for Mr. AKO's youngest brother. Eddie and Ana was engaged on that auspicious 27th December 2008 after 6 years of courting. Both met in high school and went off to further their studies separately. Eddie took an engineering course while Ana, a medical path. Alhamdulillah, the engagement ceremony and festivity went on smoothly without any hitches. Selamat Menempuh Alam Pertunangan to the cute couple =)

From our side, we brought over 7 dulangs of hantaran. The other side gave us 15! Wow! What was interesting to note was that our side mostly brought things for the fiancee, but we received hantarans meant mostly to be shared by family members. Pertembungan budaya di situ, it was enlightening and to me, very interesting. 

Here are the hantarans from our side. I tried to emulate the English Country theme. He he. Yes, pink was the order of the day.

Here is the 'manisan', a layered cheese cake ordered by my mom from her friend. I find the cake texture soft and moist and not too sweet. Yes, we had a tasting session :)

Here is another 'manisan', brought especially from Terengganu. This is the 'Jala Emas' which originates from the state of Terengganu and Kelantan. This sweets is usually given as hantarans in these two states along with 'Buah Tanjung' and 'Mas Jemput'. It has an eggy sweetness that is most appealing.
This box does not contain a hat, or a cake as most would believe. Forgot to snap a photo of it with the cover open =) Inside is a 'persalinan' of mauve lace & satin  material (to make baju kurung/kebaya), and also three pieces of 'Kain Batik Halus Terengganu'. In Terengganu, kain batik is commonly given as hantaran bertunang. I still have the kain batik I received during my engagement 10 years back. Sure brings back memories...

This is the 'wangian', Salvatore Ferragamo 'Incanto' perfume gift set. Teddy Bear wears bling bling necklace ha ha ha. The box is in the shape of a suitcase which I found very cute.
The Tepak Sireh (betel quid set). Made in Terengganu. As we are all well aware, in the olden days, the tepak sireh is often used as a means to start conversations going. And today, although most of us do not practise chewing betel leaves during social communications, it still remains as a symbol of diplomacy, dialogue, friendship and cooperation.

The 'Sirih Junjung' a combi of pale pink and soft pink roses. Shwweettness. From what I understand, pihak lelaki will 'meminang' with the tepak sirih and the pihak perempuan will 'menerima' with the sirih junjung. However, nowadays there are many variations on this tepak sirih & sirih junjung issue. From my observations, both pihak usually give both tepak sireh and sirih junjung. While some 'modern' thinking ones, couldn't be bothered with either one. As for me, we should try our best to preserve our adat. 

Oh The Ring! The Ring! Nestled on a fluffy pillow and tied with ribbons. The ring fits perfectly! Oh joy =)

Our Rombongan. From Terengganu - KL - Alor Setar, Kedah. Bearing gifts and hopes and well wishes.

Greetings greetings. Selamat Datang orang jauh. BabyAzan sleeping soundly amidst the commotion.

My mother in law putting the ring on her future daughter in law. Ni dah booking dah ni, orang lain takleh kacau daun eh? 

The meminang process. Tepak sireh pembuka bicara, sebentuk cincin diberi - diharap diterima.

Alhamdulillah, Eddie - Ana officially engaged. Berbaju hijau lembut, hati sama bertaut. Semoga sampai ke jinjang pelamin InsyaAllah. 

My favourite part. Makan time folks! We were served with an array of appetizing dishes. You can see from my excited face how yummilicious the food was. 

My favourite was the laksam Kedah. Manyak syiookkk ooo!! Thank you for having us, thank you for your hospitality. We had a jolly good time and thank you for all goodies we received. Really 'heart' the kek lapis sarawak and not forgetting the very awesome 'red chillies'!  


cikyah 75 said...

hehehehe..comel la yg ada teddy bear tu. Tapi kan, apsal muka eddie tak de iras2 muka Mr AKO eh?

Miss S said...

hi dikwi.. cant help but to comment.. so sweet the hantaran.. i like :)

Anonymous said...

thanks so much!!!bestnyer dpt sister in law yg cute and soooooooooooo baik hati!!!

dikwirina said...

cikyah, muka eddie - mr ako mmg takde iras sgt. muka mr, ako ngan adik pompuan dia ada iras. tapi depa ni semua kurus tinggi, tiada tumbuhan merayap bumi =)

miss s, hey thanks! and nw i know u hv a blog too =) will link u occay?

eddie, sy comel dan baik hati? tau xpe. he he he he he.

faRhaNah said...

k.nurul, eddie told k.nurul yg buat the hantarans. seriously the hantarans sgt sweet - sy sgt suka =)

dikwirina said...

Ana, your words mean so much to me =D Oh boy! U make me very happy.. Glad u like 'em dearie :)

I, on the other hand, was spellbound by your hantarans - sgt meng'enjoykan' memakannya beramai-ramai. Cili tuh, so real ok. The cakes pun sgt sedap.

faRhaNah said...

Yes i really meant that - really sweet..i sooooo like them =)

Cili tu nenek sedara yg buat - eddie bgtau semalam balik dungun cili tu dah berkulat - nampak lagi real! =D

Anyway the cake lapis sgt sedap too! =)

Miss S said...

sure! happy new year to u n yr superheroes :)

p/s... geramnya i tgk azan... rasa nak gigit!

Anonymous said...

aiseh...jauh sgt dari alor star nk blk dungun sampai siap berkulat...sedih tak sempat nk menjamah....


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