Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Arrgghhh... dunno why Mr. AKO's iphone couldnt be used in Jakarta. Blackberry he did not bring with him. Miss him lah. Chehh... bosan! Tapi esok dia nak balik dah. Err.. I think. He has not updated me his confirmed arrival time. 

Anyway... brought the 5 kiddos and 2 bibiks to McDonald's for lunchy... gempaq sekejap McD tu. On a good note, all of them finished their food. It's true that we tend to have better appetite when we eat 'berteman' and 'beramai-ramai'. The adik cashier was really smart. He gave each of them a different toy each. And miraculously, they are all happy with theirs. Good good. Happy Kids equals Happy Mummy. 

Later, brought Bibik Adah to the dentist to extract her rotten teeth. Had to wait for about 40 minutes. Thank God Adam and Azan behaved themselves. Good good. Well behaved kids equals smiley mummy.

Okies.... feeding Adam kueh lapis now. TTFN y'all!


daddy said...

Mummy dear, since my phones decided to mogok lapar, here is my flight itinerary tomorrow: JAK-KL, ETD 3.10pm, ETA 6.10pm. Will call u once I landed.. kira mcm bukak pose la gitu. Luv u lots, c ya esok

dikwirina said...

Aiikk??? Wahhh, Mr. AKO decided to communicate via blog :D

daddy said...

no other choice.not able to use other means as my office email had become snail mail here at Pak Hari's kantor. Emailed u via yahoo as well.
C ya.

dikwirina said...

ok babe :)
c u at the airport ya.
hv a safe journey, jgn tercicir brg kt hotel. luv ya.


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