Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hospital & Such

Urghh, my head hurts! Sakit kepala not enough rest not enough sleep. Adam and Mr. AKO in the hospital, I couldn't keep Adam company as I have to care for BabyAzan. Adam had to be admitted yesterday as his temperature reached 40 celsius. He had not been well since Monday. Brought him to the neighbourhood clinic twice and was given the normal rounds of meds. Paracetamol, cough syrup, phlegm and flu meds. No antibiotics. But the fever persisted and he did not want to eat and was weak, most of the time just lying down and sleeping. Yesterday he looked so pale and his skin looked blanched. After taking the bibik to the dentist (this is another story!), we brought him to the hospital. 

They checked his temperature, did sponging, inserted the supp. Did a blood test. Had to wait in the emergency ward as it was Friday and the Dr. went for Friday prayers. Told the nurse I want Adam admitted, just get on with the process with getting him a room. Wait some more. Finally was wheeled to a four-bedded ward, no single room available as yet. Dr. M came and did a check on him. His fever had subsided. But he was still weak, continued sleeping. By that time, BabyAzan was getting restless. Took him for a tour around the hospital and went to the cafetaria, my tummy was grumbling like mad okay, no food since morning and it was already 4 pm then! Breastfed Azan a few times already so I was hungry like a wolf! 

Went back to the room, asked Mr. AKO to go home for a shower and change his clothes (he was in office attire), reminded him to bring some essentials for Adam and Azan from home. When he got back to the hospital, we still haven't got the single room. Paediatrics ward always full, kan? There was a single room available but at fourth floor where some reno work is being done right next to the room! No Way Jose lah. Bising. Better stay at paediatrics. Finally, at long last, we got our room. It was already 8pm! 

A little bit later, Baby came with Aroha. My eldest sis came with her son. They stayed for a bit. Then, I had to say bye bye to darling Adam (sob sob). Baby and Aroha sent us back home. What a long day! babyAzan was a good boy throughout the whole ordeal. Managed to get a fan club going also at the hospital, the young nurses treated him like a celebrity baby, snapping photos of him etc ;D

Once back home, took a shower, settled the boys to sleep and I was lost to the world too..... zzzzzzzz..... went to bed wit hungry tummy.. sigh...

Okay, gtg now. 
Will update more later.

oh oh oh.... got a call from Mr. AKO.... The Dr. said that the fever was caused by the bio-plasma bacteria which infected Adam. Air-borned. But... there's nothing to worry about. He should be allright and most probably will be out from the hosp in a day or two.

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