Friday, December 19, 2008

A walk in The Gardens

As I mentioned in my previous post, Azan went for his vaccination today. He did not cry or make a fuss, just a little grimace when he was poked. Overall he is doing well, Alhamdulillah. Went to The Gardens after. Both Mr. AKO and I wanted to get some stuff. What stuff? Oh... a little of this and that. 

BabyAzan and moi, you can't relly see from this picture but my eyelashes had been extended BUT not by the usual eyelash extension treatmant at the beauty salons. The magical transformation was made possible by using 3 mascaras. A Korean product made in the USA. Will show the prod in a different post okay. Love it!!

BabyAzan and my BF. I know I know, my BF awet muda kan? Macam tak age langsung. 

Decided to eat lunch at Cova (Baby, ok Ngah dah makan kat Cova dah, as u recommended). Mr. AKO ordered the Nasi Ayam of all things :D (kemaruk nak makan nasik ayam la pulak lepas balik dari Jakarta nih) Taste wise, very decent the chicken rice.

Like the true salmon lover that I am, I had the smoked salmon creamy angel hair pasta with capers. I love capers. It was very filling. No complains, sangat sedap.
And like the true pink lover that I am, I finished a whole glass of yummy pink guava juice. 

I had an enjoyable day. Came back at nearly 10 pm. When I got home, my second son Ammar said accusingly, "Mummy, Azan pegi see doctor from morning until nighttime? U sure or not?"



Sue Anna Joe said...

Ahhh. Comelnya anak you. But no wonderlah, mak dan ayahnya pon boleh tahan ;)

Oh dan makanan tu kelihatan sangatlah enak. Nyam nyam.

You have a beautiful family.

arlina said...

cute sgt anak u. wish to hav bby too..


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