Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big Brother Taco Burrito

Wanted to go to The Curve last Monday to check out and buy a few more things before I get started on the hantarans for my BIL's wedding on the 19th of December. On the way there, we passed by The Strand KD. As it was, both me and Mr Ako were hungry and decided to pull up at the BIG BROTHER Restaurant & Grill. I dined here once before with my sis Babes during the first week of it's opening some time ago. I recalled that the food was quite decent with reasonable pricing. So I recounted the good points to Mr Ako and he agreed to have a late lunch there. It was already half past two and the lunch crowd was dispersed so there were only us and another couple there.

I had the Grilled Chicken Chop with mashed potatoes and black pepper gravy. I like the texture and taste of the mash potato. Lumpy, grainy with a buttery undertone. Just right for my taste-buds. The chicken was evenly grilled, succulent juicy and tender to the bite. I like it that it was drenched with gravy. I noticed that Malaysians love it when the food is swimming in gravy. The coleslaw was so-so.

Mr Ako had the steak, the carnivore that he is. He opted for the fries as a side. I did not taste it so don't know what to comment. He said it was okay-lah ;p

Here's a pic of the facade of the resto. It's quite near the Ariani tudung gallery :) hehe. Here's the address:

Big Brother Restaurant & Grill
No. 3G, 3-1, Jalan 5/20,
Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damasara,
PJU5, 47810, Selangor
Opens: 10am to 11pm
03-6142 7678

After the hearty lunch, we scooted out to The Curve. I was actually aiming to buy chocolates. I love the variety that is available during Christmas season. Many types of choccies available with cutesy and novel shapes, wrappings and flavour. Also all the candies and jellybeans, nougats, gummies and biscuits!

Was like a kid set loose, I had a field day there!

After getting a sack load of goodies, we saw a kiosk diectly opposite. Popilla. It sells nachos, tacos and burrittos. Suddenly I had vivid flashback memory of my summer in the US in 1997. I remembered the outings to Taco Bell :) The influence of Mexican and Hispanic culture in the US can be seen in their food. It was due to the influx of Mexican immigrants seeking for a better life there. So anyway, I couldn't resist having a Taco. And Mr Ako had the Burrito. Good snack I must say, and we paid about RM13 for a taco, burrito and a pineapple drink. Cheap eh?


Baby Zulkiflie said...

eeeeeee.... tak ajak!

superheroes' mom said...

babes, it was the monday that u guys went to TGIF the curve la, when no-or belanja with her bonus ;) tell her i'm still waiting for her to belanja me, at least a prosperity burger hehe

Lady of Leisure said...

sedapnya... tapi kat kota damansara la plak.. may be over the weekend ok lah sbb im in cheras...

superheroes' mom said...

ajak hubby over the weekend nanti ye? actually ada banyak eateries area situ. that day i saw a new resto Cone Pizza baru buka. Bila dah try I will review kat sini ok :)

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

owhhh i love those christmas ornaments tue...suke belek2...rase cam nak beli tp pikir baik nak letak mane n buat ape...ahahhaa

superheroes' mom said...

verde, same here! nak2 pulak my kids sibuk tanya kenapa i taknak beli xmas tree just for the fun of it. cantik kan dengan all the glittery ornaments :)

Anonymous said...

wow u guys can really eat huh!! dah la gi shopping coklat pulak tu. hihihihi. KLeena

superheroes' mom said...

kleena, coklat not for me though, for hantaran :) i usually eat kenyang2 for lunch. breakfast and dinner i ambil meal replacement shake. and yes, kitorang suka try out new food joints ;p


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