Monday, December 7, 2009

Q's Birthday Day Out!

birthday boy and moi

Birthday Boy requested a birthday lunch at a pizzeria. And he wants to visit Aquaria. Hmmnnn. California Pizza Kitchen KLCC then, which is near enough to Aquaria. It was a happy day for all of us ;)

Mr Ako and Adam

CPK welcomes kids which is good for a family like mine ;)

With my bam-bam

my sis and my third with the party pack.

all of us! bikin kecoh CPK

babyazan and his zsu-zsu

group photo 1

group photo 2
kat HARRODS, don't play play..... lol!

Then we proceeded to Aquaria. Had a grand old time although it was not the first time we went there. But we had fun nevertheless bringing BabyAzan who was a first-timer! But we missed the Santa show :( It would be fun to watch Santa Claus feeding the fish! And to keep to the festive theme, Xmas trees were put in the big aquarium!!! Cute! Sorry no pics of Aquaria trip for now. Will get them from my dad's camera soon.

Birthday Boy's other wish was to have the cake cutting ceremony at Baskin Robbins The Curve! From KLCC to The Curve then. Here we go..............

bikin kecoh kat sini pulak

birthday boy with his cake

Q turns 9!

Q and his Nana

one satisfied birthday boy!!!!


sisdee said...

wahhhhhh sedapnya kek!!!!
salam kenal :)

superheroes' mom said...

salam kenal sisdee :)
sedap betul ice cream cake, memang habis licin dikerjakan ;)

eynda said...

Wah...sangat meriah.... :-)

superheroes' mom said...

makan beramai sangat seronok


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