Monday, December 21, 2009

Damai Homestay, Alor Setar

For those in the know, we stayed homestay-style on our last trip to Alor Setar. I heard from the Tourism Director of Kedah that this type of lodging is very popular there. Most of the takers would be rombongan kahwin (like ours), ppl travelling to the borders and to Siam, and also those going to Langkawi. That explains why homestays have mushroomed in this state of late.

When booking was made, we didn't know that it is located right in the middle of a paddy field! We honestly didn't as booking was not made by us. So we were pleasantly surprised when we get there. Mr. Ako did conversed a couple of times with the owner of the place but it was mostly about how to get there and the facilities available in the house.

And we were pleasantly surprised again after being told that we were the first guests to occupy the place. It's brand new, so it's really very very clean :) It is quite simple inside with modest furnishings but it has the basic necessities like a fridge and electric kettle. We brought our own hotplate and frypan/saucepan so it was allright. There are 3 bedrooms altogether. One with a bunk bed, queen sized bottom and single sized top with a dresser. The second room has a queen sized bed with a dresser. The third had 2 single sized mattresses with an iron and ironing board. All bedlinens are provided. For us, since we were the first guests, the bedlinens are all brand new :)

As I said, the furnishings are basic but adequate. For us, it was quite comfortable because we weren't there for 5 star treatment. The location was a definite plus, as my boys had the chance to experience staying in a sawah padi, with a water canal lagi :) I like to expose the boys to different surroundings so they get to appreciate and learn about new things. Broaden their horizons and I hope to make them more flexible and knowledge-rich.

Look over there!
There was a nice breeze going, woohoo!

Here is the homestay area, there was a kenduri too by the owner to commemorate the opening of the homestay. Lucky us, siap dapat makan lauk kenduri lagi :)

Here is the contact if u are interested. En. Zulhakim here also has a shop in Pekan Rabu! Very nice and friendly, he would be glad to assist you in making your trip to Alor Setar a good one.


Azmiezas said...

Best ke ur son dapat tengok bendang?..Anak I pun kalau balik sekali-sekala..pun mcm tak penah balik kg, terjun sana-sini..

btw puas hati ke pegi sana??..cehh..tanya ngan bangganya ni..

superheroes' mom said...

azmiemas, my sons toksah cakap le. mmg seronok habis... hehehe... mmg I pun sama gak seronok sangat pegi sana. rasa macam nak pegi lagi...huhuhu...
mmg patut pun u rasa bangga... kampung u best!!

zarin said...

wah!bestnya sbb jadi the first yg stay kat, dia tk bg discount ke?ekekeke..
anyway, thanks for the no tu...mana tau kot2 i pun nk ke sana gak...boleh try jugak :)

Lady of Leisure said...

wow thanks for sharing..
no wonder tourist dari luar suka duk homestay kan.. meriah betul... terasa suasana kampungnya tu kan.. dah la dekat dengan sawah padi... mesti berangin jer kan...

belakang rumah nenek i ada sawah padi, bawah pokok asam kitorang dulu buat macam pondok.. i suka kalau boleh makan nasi kat situ.. sebab berangin jer..

lepas makan nasi barang kat pondok sambil mata mengantuk terbuai dengan angin bendang..

superheroes' mom said...

zarin, takde la pulak discount ;) tapi dapat makan nasik kenduri kira oraitlah... hehehe

superheroes' mom said...

ladyleisure.. mmg homestay ni best kalau nak experience the local lifestyle la kan... lagipun kalau rombongan kawin sgt sesuai - if stay kat hotel berapa ribu plak nak spend sbb yang datangnya ramaiii..hihi

bestnya I dengar pasal pondok bawah pokok asam tu...


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