Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm a Sherlock Holmes In The Making

"Elementary, my dear Watson".
Know that line? Yeap, that's the explanation Sherlock Holmes gives to his assistant Dr. Watson whenever he elucidates deductions he had made. Funnily enough, that line only ever came up in the film, not in the books. Interesting stuff. But Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional detective is one interesting character. I love Sherlock Holmes! And I am so excited that Nuffnang is organizing this contest to win free tickets to the premier screening of SHERLOCK HOLMES. This is my first time ever joining a contest such as this. I hope I will get lucky!!!

But first I have to prove my wit, by finding a mystery Sherlock Holmes image in 2 blogger's blog in their sidebars. I have to;

1. Track them down, and take a screenshot of their blog (one is enough) and post the picture in my blog with the title "I'm Sherlock Holmes In The Making".

2. Send an email to sherlockholmes@nuffnang.com with my full name and blog URL

Oh and psssttt the clue for the 2 blogs that the secret image is featured

1. The Land of Cheeser Dot Com (mix it a little to find the answer)
2. KYCakap Dot Com (a little translation might help)

and I found it in cheeserland.com ;)

and whats more, the fastest correct entries will get

SHERLOCK HOLMES umbrella with Compass worth RM193
SHERLOCK HOLMES Unisex Long Sleeve T-shirt worth RM173
SHERLOCK HOLMES Leather Magnifying Piece worth RM118
SHERLOCK HOLMES Post-it Notes worth RM95

hey, why don't you try too?


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