Thursday, December 17, 2009

Curious Kids Need To Be Tough Inside

As a mom to 4 superheroes , I am in a constant lookout to maintain the three vital things for the development of a growing child. First, they must stay healthy. Second, they must stay active. Third, they must stay strong. These three elements are important to these growing boys as they are curious to explore the surroundings around them. Oh yes, they are curious creatures and you might not be able to catch up on the many ideas and innovations they might spring upon on their discovery adventures. But that means all is good! Curious kids are smart kids! But how do we keep the bad guys away?

That is why Dutch Lady Friso Gold is an excellent source of nutrition for our budding explorers. Curious Kids Need To Be Tough Inside. And Friso Gold have all the nutrients needed to maintain a tough inside. Friso Gold will arm our children with FrisoShield backed by it's unique P2 Dual System.

FrisoShield P2 Dual System is a combination of nutrients. Prebiotic and Healthy Live Bacteria help to maintain a good intestinal environment. Friso Gold also contains DHA, AA and SA that aids a child's overall development.

With Friso Gold, mommies such as us can be rest assured that our children get the essential nutrients their bodies need for this crucial growing stage of their lives. Curious kids need to stay healthy, active and strong. Curious Kids Need To Be Tough Inside. With Friso Gold, they will have enough ammunition to keep the bad guys at bay. And they could continue exploring the world around them and mommies can sleep easy!

Superheroes Need To Be Tough Inside! How else then can they Save The Day?
Friso Gold. The Golden Choice for Moms.


zarin said...

bagus bagus...i hope u menang..hihihi
ingat nk try jugak tp tk reti lerrr.:(

superheroes' mom said...

alaaaaa zarin, u try la jugak... I pun tak reti sangat but just give it a go aje. 2nd try masuk contest nuffnang, hari tu yg sherlock holmes punya tu. fun jugak coba2 ;)
nnt u try k

Lady of Leisure said...

all the best for the contest..

superheroes' mom said...

morning lady leisure.
thanks a bunch hon! hope u will have a very nice day today ;)
arry n molly nakal tak hari ni?

m@ said...

gud luck juga dr ma:)
aqel dlu minum friso..sekarang dh tukar lain:)

superheroes' mom said...

tq m@ :) cuba2 aje. tak tau lah macamana. tak pandai sangat sebenarnya =)


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